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Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check out this space. If you’re wondering what Honest Foods is all about, well to be honest, (pun not intended), it was initially supposed to be a food review website. It’s been something that we have talked about wanting to start for a while. Alas lots have happened since then and Covid-19 happened. Talk about bad timing right? Let’s start a restaurant review site in a time when ALL THE RESTAURANTS ARE CLOSED! 

Nevertheless, we thought to start anyways with Dimitri starting off by sharing some recipes with you guys instead. These recipes are super simple and versatile that you’ll be able to work your way around them into your everyday life. You’ll find that the majority of these recipes are ‘recyclable’ in a sense that there’ll always be something else you can do with them after, such as turning them into a new recipe, or using them as a key ingredient for another recipe. So say goodbye to boring leftovers and waste, and hello to lots of refreshing new recipes! 

This couldn’t have come at a better time too because going back to the whole Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve all seen the panic buying and the massive food waste that comes with it. Naomi will be talking more about this in the Food Waste Section, sharing some interesting innovations in the food sector that we should all keep an eye out and consider adopting. Be it controversial or not!

If there was ever a chance of showing 100% of us in anything, it would be Dimitri’s cooking and Naomi’s passion for food sustainability. Welcome to Honest Foods 🙂

*P.S. The Honest Reviews will start when we can get back into restaurants again. So do check it out when it’s up! 

Stay Safe,

Dimitri and Naomi

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